Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Be the Vessel, Part Three

Wednesday, February 8, 2012
I'm continuing to follow my fascination with all things "vessel".
It's becoming an obsession - one I'm happily indulging.

Here's what's "on the easel" today - well, what's tacked to the wall.

It's bigger than the others in the series.... about 2 ft x 4 ft.
Again, it's collage and acrylic on unstretched canvas.

Think there's a bit more to do on it, but letting it sit for a day or two before deciding.

Below are the three smaller ones I completed last week.
I framed them in open frames - they're recessed and touchable.

The vessels have also found their way onto my new art journal I bound using my favorite paper.

(Favorite paper you ask? Fabriano Hot Press 140 lb watercolor paper in the 22x30" sheets, of course. I tear the signatures to any size I like. The paper is thick, smooth and will take ANY medium!)

More decorating of the cover vessels is sure to follow . . .

I love the mushy softness of this journal....way more tactile than a hard bound book.

Signing off for now - but before I go....I gotta make a decision on what to do Friday on my "artist date".....

Here's 101 ideas here.

(Museum was done last week - looking for something a little lighter this week.)

Check this video - Julia Cameron, author of "The Artist's Way", discusses what an "artist date" is:


Margie said...

I swear that first one looks 3D! Awesome. What is going on with you woman??!! Whatever it is, it's exciting!

Lisa said...


Oh my goodness, oh my goddess, just OH MY FREAKIN' FLABBERGASTED!

Lynna G Smith said...

Oh i am swooning. Divine Tracey.
Thank you

Marjanne said...

So beautiful, your vessel paintings!

Cat said...

these are so stunning
they speak to me in a deep way
of a time in my deep past
I could sit and look at them all day


Love and Light

Shauna said...

spectacular. really. LOVE