Friday, February 3, 2012

Have Sketch Book, Will Travel

Friday, February 3, 2012
Living in crowded Orange County CA has its advantages . . .

I'm very fortunate to live near the Bowers Museum of Cultural Art....with it's mood lighting and tribal music, it feels like a mini trip around the world.

What was intended as a one hour "artist date" with my sketchbook, turned into three!

Today, I went early and was blessed with near empty galleries and only the occasional peeker into my sketchbook.

Never mind the rowdy group of teenagers playing hide and seek in the Pre-Columbian room...kind of spooky, them hiding in the shadows.

I visited the permanent exhibits where the Mayan and other Native American art lives.

If I could encourage you to do just one thing, it would be to keep a sketchbook - seek out and take note of what inspires you.

For me, it's other cultures - their art, their clothing, their ritual, their symbology, their music.....

Everything about exotic or primitive peoples fascinates me and leaves me dreaming.

My quick sketches are not meant to be art....
rather it's the place to play, really "see" things - the details.....learn....find what I love.

And that may indeed lead to making art.

This year, I will be doing this more often and I'm taking you with me.

Show me what you love - share your sketchbooks!

Do leave a link to your pictures or blog posts in the comments section.

You see, I'm that girl straining her neck in museums and coffee shops to see what's in your sketchbook.
Come on show me yours, I always show you mine!

Note: The Bowers museum allows non-flash photography - many museums do not, so be sure to check their rules first.
I've never visited a museum that did not allow sketching, however.
They do frown upon leaning on their walls and exhibits....not that I have any experience with that.


Jenn said...

Okay, first, YES - I want to be in your backpack (peeking over your shoulder while you sketch)!! Take me - take me!!! Second, your quick sketches ARE Artwork - you should hear me oohing and aahing over here every time you give us a peek. Third, this tribal art and your vessels as of late make me want to see more!!!!! Fourth, I wanna come play and travel the world with you - maybe check out some caves! :) Mucho hugs!!!

P.S. (I've been playing in my sketchbook and as soon as I get my own computer back, I'll post pics....)

faerian said...

awesome Tracie... thank you for taking me with you on your artist's date... i get chicken to do this... people looking over my shoulder freaks me out... i will have to big girl undies it sometime soon x

Margie said...

Your sketchbook is ridiculous, even after two martoonskis! Xx, Margie

Jill Marie said...

How wonderful to spend three hours in a state of:

"play, really "see" things - the details.....learn....find what I love"

You have inspired me to do something for myself this weekend that will enrich my spirit of play!

Lynna G Smith said...

You are so inspiring. Wow. Love your wild willingness to explore and allow yourself to be deeply inspired.
That was a very cool post.

Amy said...

great sketches Tracie. I wanna go to a museum and do the same thing.

I posted this earlier today, what a coinkidink:

Cat said...

I totally enjoyed that Tracie...
all of it!!!
your sketch book is gorgeous!

Love and Light