Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Be The Vessel

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

If you have been following this blog lately, you know I've been wrestling with the decision to continue blogging this year or not.

You see, I knew I'd be devoting this entire year to exploring my creative yearnings - FULL TILT!

Whether or not to continue blogging was the question.

Well, the decision is now made........I intend to blog the journey - so you may be seeing me more often, rather than less!

Today, I woke with an idea.
One you see the beginnings of here . . .

The idea is simply to

#1 - Use collage elements - it always seemed like too much work until now.
#2 - Use a deeper, earthier palette than my usual brights - touches of brights good, whole paintings . . . not so much - at least for a while!
#3 - Paint small, instead of my typical BIG canvases.
#4 - Consciously choose symbols I'm drawn to as the focal image, rather than smaller elements in a painting.

So I've begun this new series of small paintings - about 8"x12".
I will age these further by folding, wrinkling and curling the canvas.....then mount in a shadow box type frame.

As for the process . . . I cannot properly express how thrilling it is to hear a new idea....then have it manifest before you.

Its magical . . . as if I have nothing at all to do with it . . . to know, I am simply the vessel . . . the container from which it flows - and that happens when I trust, and simply allow.


"The time has come to turn your heart into a temple of fire."


Clairity said...

Stunning. You, the vision, the art, the vessel, the Rumi.
All of it.
So glad you are here.

faerian said...

YOU ARE FRIGGIN MAGIC AND THAT WORK IS AMAZING!! you are the vessel of magnificence <3

Lynna G Smith said...

Wow I absolutely love the work and glad you are sharing the journey with us

Margie said...

Hey Tracie! I have to tell you, I think these are my most favorite of all your paintings. These are amazing. Everything about them. The colors, textures...Wowzers! You are on to something. xx

Eileen Sottovia said...

Beautiful work! I have enjoyed watching your artist life unfold and I'm so happy you are continuing your blog. It will be wonderful to see where spirit takes you.
I, myself have been infused with some new inspiration recently since I've been taking an online course with Misty Mawn. I'd like to journal about my creative endeavors in some way also. You inspire me, girl! You are magical!!

Cat said...

these really speak to me Tracie
I may have to commission you to paint a cover for my book...maybe we could discuss
they are really beautiful
and I am excited to be able to watch this process of the dragon being unleashed!!! : )

love and light

~hali said...

fantastic. the paintings and the listening. looking forward to witnessing your journey.

Charlotte Pettus said...

Of course... I'd try to love you more, if it were even possible.♥ My own personal belief? You've *always* been the vessel... it just took this long to let it all simmer into something that was ready to be served up♥ I for one am looking forward to seeing your concoctions
--->>>but now you get extra!

So you know... Of course I just love you *EVEN* more ... omg - you remind me of what my Grandmother would have been without children♥ (THat's deep love just in case you didn't pick up on it?)