Monday, June 11, 2012

Mojo Mondays, The New Happy Hour and The Hour of Power

Monday, June 11, 2012
I don't think I've ever shared with you the "rituals" I keep. (By the way, if you know me, you know I have a penchant for nick naming everything.....) One of them is a new creative ritual (The New Happy Hour). One of them is an old one (the Hour of Power). And one of them is most challenging to keep (Mojo Mondays). Please allow me to expound. The "New Happy Hour" has grown out of my recent "Color for Breakfast" series of art journaling posts. You see, lately in the morning, I've been playing with color in my art journal - leading to backgrounds and sometimes, focal images. In the late afternoon, or early evening, I pick up the art journal once again and add in the written parts. This is a WAY better, happier, more productive time spent than with a glass of wine.....hence my "New Happy Hour"! (And hey, trading in the empty calories has even led to a bit of tightening in the tummy region! I mean, did you know that a SMALL glass of wine is nearly 100 calories? OMG.) My "Hour of Power" is a long standing morning ritual that keeps me rising early. It's during this time, that I write in my journal over coffee, sometimes sketch or lately, spend time in the art journal. This is followed by exercise of some sort and a healthy breakfast. It tell you, I go a little batty if I let any of this slide more than 2 days! Okay...a lot batty! The hardest ritual to keep by far is my Mojo Mondays. This is the day that our house gets quiet again. This is the day that's mine to get things back in order, plan my week, vision the future, process the past and generally have the ME time that I believe we all need. I especially believe women need this - but often wonder if it's more true for us than for men. Feels like it is.....feels like its true for me. You? This is the day that gets put on the back burner when real life interrupts or things just HAVE to get done. So when that does happen, I really try to schedule another day or at least a half day of quiet time. It's important to re-fuel! What about you? Do you have rituals? Do you need one or two? Would your life be more serene, blissful and sane if you did?


Cat said...

Iove your rituals Tracie
so good
though I have to say i sill enjoy time with a glass of wine and a friend now and again ; )

i am all about ritual
i get up early to start with my ritual of running with the dog...but it is more than a run
it is meditation
connection with earth and self
connection with spirit
it is a sacred time for me, my mind, my heart, my soul, my body

I do this 5-6 times a week
then I have the ritual of staying in bed to read/write on the morning I do not run :)
there are rituals with a circle of women that I share
rituals with my family
rituals with my husband
I am a big fan of rituals
they keep me grounded...I tend to fly alot so I need feet on ground times for balance...rituals offer me that : )

thanks for sharing this today
I loved it

love and light

Lisa said...

I adore you, you know that? (You've inspired me to clean so that I can start fresh...and incorporate some of those lovely rituals into my own life.)