Thursday, June 14, 2012

Red, White & Blue For Breakfast

Thursday, June 14, 2012
I can honestly say, I pretty much never use the color red in my art work. I like red.....I do! I wear it, there's splashes of it throughout my home, but rarely does my paint brush see the likes of it. So obviously that means, ya gotta play with it, right? Nearly this entire spread was painted red with touches of yellow. I then laid in a print using black ink and one of Pam Carriker's images she let us use during a class with her. The "queen" is enhanced with the use of a Sharpie paint pen in white. Not being the lover of red, I've since added in shades of blue and more white. Made me feel much better.....woot! Pretty wild, huh? ***** Oh and here's some further work I've done on my "Pink for Breakfast" page.... The phrase at the bottom is something like what artist and teacher Angi Sullins said in her last "Spa For The Soul" video - she's a wise one that Angi! To see more of this ever growing series of art journaling posts that I call "Color for Breakfast", go here.

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Lucy Chen said...

Your art journal pages look beautiful! I wish to do more art journaling, too.