Friday, June 8, 2012

Green Gold, Cobalt Teal & Black For Breakfast

Friday, June 8, 2012
Black lettering pops against Golden's shades of green gold & cobalt teal..... I nearly never show you the journaling I do on top of my colorful backgrounds. One, because it's usually too personal to show anyone. (It is a journal you know.) Two, because I hardly ever do the journaling part anymore - leaving that to my normal written journals . . . So, my art journals have become books of tiny paintings and experiments - hardly any words at I thought it time for a change. Change is good! The pics below are an update on this week's earlier post "Brights For Breakfast"..... now there's words here too! To see more of my "Colors For Breakfast" art journaling series, pop on over here.


Charlotte Pettus said...

♥Pages and words I want to jump into. Thank you Ms. Awesomesauce-Bright-Colours-for-Breakfast woman♥ :) This was what I needed to see on my computer screen to *spark* my morning♥xoxoxo

~hali said...

i just got major goosebumps. i looked at the first two images and thought "this lights me up"... then saw the next two pages... whoa. these are amazing, tracy. i'm beginning my first real committed relationship with an art journal - and you are such an inspiration.