Saturday, May 19, 2012

Letter Envy

Saturday, May 19, 2012
I confess that I've always had "letter envy"..... My art journals don't have a lot of writing and lettering (mostly because I religiously keep a written journal). So when I see the beautiful lettering styles of other art journalers, I do get a little green.
A couple of weeks ago, I saw that Joanne Sharpe had an online lettering class. I just HAD to sign up!
I've shared just a few snippets of my practice journal with you here. Her class is so fun, I seek out any free moment to add another round of practice pages to my little book. I haven't yet started adding in some of the lettering styles to my art journals, but I know I will soon.
Joanne's packed this class FULL of techniques! You can do one a day for a month - or spread them out over whatever time you like - there's no time limit in which to complete the class.
I'm not paid for this endorsement, just falling in "letter love"! So if you're interested in seeing what this class is all about, head here for the details!


Lynna G Smith said...

OH yeah me too lettering envy. I always hate my lettering. This is awesome Thanks

Introverted Art said...

Oh, I know what you mean. I have collage envy...

Jenn said...

Ooh Mama! That's some pretty groovy lettering you got goin' on there!!! Awesome stuff!!