Thursday, May 24, 2012

So Far This Week . . .

Thursday, May 24, 2012
So far this week, I've witnessed the eclipse with a few friends from coast to coast (via text)!
(While you can't see the eclipse by looking at the sun in this photo, you can see it reflected in the tiny image just to the lower right of it....see that tiny "cookie bite"?)
I also began working in my GIANT leather bound art journal.....
I finished up "Bright Spirits" (30x48" acrylic on canvas)......a painting begun a couple of weeks ago.
Mostly, I am astonished to continue on a surrealistic painting journey with this new piece currently on the easel. (As one who never really cared for Surrealism, I sure am getting into it!)
Here's the other surrealistic painting I finished a week or two ago, in case you missed it.
I feel the beginning of a new series happening!


Melanie said...

I love these pieces ... just wonderful, ethereal, soul searching.

jennifer h. said...

love, love, loving those bright spirits (and yours too!)