Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"She is Still There"

Tuesday, May 8, 2012
I painted this 28x36" canvas today.
It practically painted itself! (I love it when that happens - and believe me it doesn't always!) I love it more than any other painting I've ever painted, but I always say that. (I'm so fickle!) See the face within the figure? It is from the painting underneath that I painted over. Funny about that old painting, I hadn't yet signed it, wired it or dated/titled it on the back like I always do. So I guess it wasn't finished yet . . . but She is still there (hence the title of the piece).
The rest of the recognizable shapes were "excavated" using the process I teach in my online art journaling workshop on 21 Secrets. You can find more info about the class here. Come join us - it's open through the end of the year!!


Shauna said...

swoon. I LOVE this

Alena said...

What Shauna said. So beautiful, love love love.

~hali said...

just breathtaking. i can see why this is your 'favorite'... today. ;-) i totally get that, too! the layers and that gold just make me feel all crush-like inside. ♥

Lisa said...

OH WOW. wowowowowowow. Damn words getting in the way of what I want to share about this.

Hali said breathtaking - YES. I literally paused in my breathing while scrolling through the pictures.

This speaks to me, so so much. Soul-filling-beautiful.

Cat said...

this takes my breathe away
I want to eat it!
okay maybe not eat it because then I can't look at it anymore, BUT I do think it is stunning and yummy enough to eat ; )

love and light

Marjanne said...

Lisa is right, words fail to describe the beauty of this painting.
I haven't gotten to your part of the 21 Secrets yet, but I'm already looking forward to it!!

jennifer h. said...

Holy Cow! Just incredible, so much beauty here. xoxo

Birgit Kerr said...

Absolutely gorgeous!