Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Finishing Things . . .

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"Lapis Cross" paintings framed - and signed (which I often forget to do)....

One of the "Be a Vessel" series paintings framed and hung.
(But I did forget to sign first - damn.)

"Mona Lisa & Friends" entered in a local art show......

and it took first place!!

Wood floors installed in our home.....whew - that was a job!

Many more "Spirit Stix" (formerly known as "Totem Poles") were completed and hung!

I used to bounce from project to project, leaving many unfinished.
My creative heart would roam wildly - I'd simply lose interest OR more likely,
I'd become seduced and infatuated by another idea.

I'd often move on before a creative idea, a painting or a journal page was even completed.

Lately though, I'm finding that allowing layers to build .....
letting ideas percolate, then see completion is a much more deeply satisfying process.

It's almost like I'm maturing!

For sure, I'm gaining patience.

Ideas still race in (thank you Creative Source).
I'm tempted to catch the train, rush on to the new.....
but now I know, keeping a list of them is a better plan for me.

They'll not be lost - I will get to them eventually - or not.
And that's okay.


Anonymous said...

My gosh, but your work is stunning and prolific! This year is your year, truly!

jane louise said...

you are supporting yourself and your vision by finishing T... i am currently immersed in thought about this very topic... and my dear your work is stunning - the spirit sticks just expand me...

Margie said...

Gorgeous painting that won first place!!! Congrats!!! You are rockin' woman!