Monday, March 22, 2010

Yes, We Have Some Bananas

Monday, March 22, 2010
Bananas hang overhead as I take an afternoon stroll . . .

Uh . . . afternoon limp after breaking another pair of trusty ole Havianas!

I've caught the "Spring cleaning bug" and transformed my former backyard art studio into a tiny tranquil writing sanctuary - well, that's what it told me it wanted to become since I hauled the paints, paper and canvas to my gigantic new art space!

My little space is now officially renamed "The Vibe Room"! (The pint sized art fairies I live with tell me that my "T" looks like a "2" . . . oops. It's challenging to "write" with a paint brush I tell you!)

Not a lot of space to work with in my backyard shack (a wee 10X12 foot space). But I've gone a bit more "globally inspired" don't cha think?

I've repainted my beloved "twig legged" desk a beautiful new shade - it was formerly terra cotta. I like it much better now and want to paint everything this dreamy blue!

Oh and the journal on the desk is made by this amazing artist! Check out her goods...

Had to share with you these amazing paper scrolls . . . I bought every package that Cost Plus World Market had! Don't know what will become of them, but they were so exotic and beautiful that I couldn't resist! Maybe I'll use them as invitations for a Moroccan feast later this Summer.
(Ah . . . pitched tents, floor pillows, belly dancing and spicy finger foods!)

Namaste, my friends. I'll be back soon with updated photos of the big new art studio! We've done MUCH more there since I last shared with you.


debra cooper said...

Oh, Tracie, I LOVE your new art space!! I can just imagine all the wonderful things you are going to make there with all that gorgeous color & pattern and just plain fun! Your sign of course is absolutely perfect (and your T does not look like a 2 ;-) Thank you soooo much for sharing your creations with me. It has totally made my day! xo, debra

Lisa said...

What a beautiful space you have created!

and I agree with Debra that the T does not look like a 2 at all!

Love the scrolls too!

Scylliane said...

What a wonderful art studio !
How can it be so cleared and comfortable ? I make such a mess when I create !

a fellow creative dreamer
from France