Tuesday, March 2, 2010

When One Thing Becomes Another

Tuesday, March 2, 2010
It's an early Spring here in SoCal.....which I admit, inspired the purple toenails. Well, that could be due to an obsession with watching "Twilight" repeatedly now that it's free on Showtime's Pay Per View. Sigh, suddenly I'm 17 again.

Anyway . . . here's what's in the journal bag.

Actually it started pretty big . . .

OK REALLY big. These painted doodles are done on craft paper - paper that's probably 8 feet long by 3 feet wide!

Then, I cut the big sheets up into dozens of smaller pieces. I love that part! Within something recognizable, like a flower or a paisley pattern, are smaller graphic abstract shapes.

I mixed up colors and shapes with no thought whatsoever to whether it was "right" or not . . . only looking for contrast and pattern.

I threw in scraps and bits of scrapbook papers from my stash.

A bit of duct tape here, a sticker there and a postcard or two.

Then I stitched it all together on the sewing machine.

Punched some holes.

And bound it with simple rings from the office supply store.

Now for more doodles, journaling and pasting of pics - the parts I never share! Does that make you curious? I LOVE LOVE LOVE looking at other people's journal pages, don't you? Check out these beauties.

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Scylliane said...

I love this scrabby journal !