Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Painting Pad

Thursday, February 18, 2010
As promised, here's the new painting pad. I feel so very blessed to have this large studio space! The series of events that led up to this dream come true would blow your mind!

Couldn't give ya a little peek until I'd officially christened the space with sprinkles of bubbly and glitter . . .

As with a painting, many more layers will be added, so I'll be sure to post more pics soon.

Oh . . . here's a bit of my gigantizoid un-stretched canvas I'm playing with....ah finally room to stretch out!
Believe in your creative dreams . . . they do come true!

See ya!


The Muse said...

the heartiest congrats....the space is fabulous...and it will only get better and better!

ABCcreativity said...

that's fantastic! way to go!

Lisa said...

Yay, Tracie!
Looks great! Wish I could visit and play!

mystele said...

you go, girl.