Sunday, December 22, 2013

Yes, There Was Snow!

Sunday, December 22, 2013
Months ago, my husband schemed to take us to NYC in December.

Woof….that's hard for a Southern California girl like me.
I mean I actually had to BUY a coat!

And yes, there was snow!
Well, one day it snowed…..the other days were the clearest crystal blue skies ever.
And when the skies are this clear, I'm absolutely sure it's even colder!

THIS is what I look like when I freeze.
Yes, I smirk.

But a quick dash inside a building every few blocks kept me warm.
(Invited and intentional graffiti actually warms me up.)

It's really lovely to look at the snow (from inside).

Inside - where the people are warm and friendly.

Inside - where a warm hotel room and a mug of hot tea awaits.
(BTW always choose to stay on "crazy 8" floor when you are able.  
I've been doing so since my college dorm days and it works out real nice.)

New York is filled with iconic restaurants!

I believe the BEST is Patsy's - where they held a table for Frank Sinatra daily.
Yes, we were seated in THAT table!

 And NYC has many an iconic bar!
Like Harry's.

Or Lillie's.

 But I didn't know that the very best Christmas shopping would found at 
Grand Central Station.
We stumbled upon the most ah-mazing curated art show!
LOTS of jewelry and gifts and home accessories and art!
I do like art-full surprises.

Of course, New York has MANY an iconic space to be explored.

And handsome men man to be hugged.

There's MAJOR art to be adored . . . 

Up close and personal!

So close one could actually touch these masterpieces, but of course I'd never ever do that!

Happy Holidays Y'all!
Hope your's are warm and bright.

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Liette alias Pixelle said...

oh i understand you...i did the opposite, i come from Canada, province of quebec, cold and lot of snow...and i come here in the south texas to forget how it is cold...enjoy the beauty like you said, it is nice but not fun to be will appreciate your place more than