Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Quickening

Saturday, October 12, 2013
Since making this promise to myself,
the work has been pouring out of me!

Fast - but with lots of layers and texture and collage.
(Of course, it helps that our weather is so dry and breezy.  Paint dries real quick!)

This painting, which I call "The Space Between Us", happened in maybe 2 hours??

(Closer detail shots below give you a glimpse of the layers.)

This art journal spread titled "The Air Up There", came quickly too.
(Huh I don't usually title art journal spreads.)

Anyways, there's TONS of writing hidden underneath, 
within and on top of the paint & collage layers.
It was done in response to Galia Alena's first segment of her online class 
"Calling In The Elements".

I never knew that the element of Air had SO much to teach me - oh but it does.
Air can be both gentle and strong.
Have you ever really thought about that before?
I wanna be THAT . . . gentle AND strong - like Air, like a dancer, like a bird.

I even whipped out this super personal art map - 
it's a kind of visual plan of where 
I dream of going with my art making and other creative callings.  

(But it's soooooo personal, I can't won't share the details - hence the blurry bits.)
It's good stuff I tell you....good stuff!  Setting me on fire kind of stuff.

You see art making can be practical too.
There's something super special about putting your intentions 
not only on paper or on another to-do list,
but in firmly coloring it into your heart and soul with art - 
whether that's on a ginormous piece of watercolor paper OR in your journal.

Hand + eye + heart + brain working together = good.


Margie said...

Wow wee! Love it all, especially the journal page with the "up in the air" writing on it. The movement of the girls is lovely. You are so prolific , on fire for sure.

Margie said...

Oops, "the air up there"!

Galia Alena said...

You ARE gentle and strong!!!
love all this!!!

Kritzelfee said...