Thursday, August 22, 2013

Loco Woman

Thursday, August 22, 2013
I can't believe it's been nearly 3 weeks since I've written a blog post.

Every August, my warehouse studio-mate (Mom) and I take a studio hiatus.
It's normally just too hot to be there.

BOTH of us scheduled major home renovations during this time away.
We've been blessed with cooler weather this year . . . 
but need to stick close to home anyway to oversee construction.

My renovation is a HUGE backyard makeover.
I have no access to my tiny home studio because of it, so I've 
set up a makeshift art space in the kitchen.

Not that I'm complainin' - I'm hardly "making do".
I'll take paint on my hands anywhere and anytime!

It's fun to watch such rapid progress outside my kitchen window - 
hours spent painting often feel like minutes.  

The construction guys steal glances at me when they think I'm not looking.
Their curiosity is on overdrive - 
they have NO idea what I'm up to in here.

I deliver trays of icy drinks - they try to sneak peeks - but they can see nothing.  

"What's that loco woman doing?
Why does she stay inside all day?  She has blue on her face."


They don't know I'm inside painting on wood.
I've got all these wooden wine boxes, you see.
We had a few around the house - ahem.

I'm flinging paint at canvas and art journals too.
Pretty much a creative disaster inside AND out right now.
And I'm loving every messy second!


Cynthia Lee said...

I love your style so much. How can it hold the spectrum of warm and cool so much that I can feel it?!

Margie said...

How exciting! Hope we get to see the finished project. Have a grand weekend Tracie.