Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Inspiration Finds Me

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Inspiration eventually finds me.

I've come to KNOW and TRUST that when it's right, it'll come my way.

Today I found inspiration in the pages of a West Elm catalog.
I turned a page and the color, the texture and the ethnic pattern 
made my heart go thumpity thump thump.

That's when I know it's real and I have to do something 
with it NOW or else it leaves as quickly as it came!

I'd LONG been wanting to paint a canvas bag I had - 
one which I'd long ago grown tired of the print.
I ADORE the grommets, rough canvas texture and dark handles - 
a mixture of canvas and leather - but the rest was "meh".

Seemed like just the "right" canvas for this new inspiration.

As Inspiration goes when it comes on this swiftly, I failed to take a before pic.
But I'll share with you the after.

The white is pure gesso.
The rest is umber and black mixed with a bit of white
to soften the color a bit.

Wish I could tell you that I took the time to stuff the 
insides with cardboard or tissue before painting - but I didn't.

Wish I could tell you that I let the gesso dry first 
before adding the other color, but I didn't do that either.

The only thing I was careful about was NOT getting it on the handles, strap or grommets.
I'm kind of shocked that I didn't, 
but I used a smaller brush around those areas and "breathed" slowly through it.
I figure if I "messed" up, it'd work with the messy drippy look I was going for anyway.

I've painted quite a few canvas bags over the years 
(usually those gift with purchase tote bag give aways).

Even with heavy wear, the paint never seems to fade.
So I don't "fix" it with anything.
I can always paint over it again, right?
What the heck . . . a girl's gotta go for it every once in a while.


Eliz Needham said...

LOVE this!!!!

Muses PoeticPastries said...

I think it is carefree, cool and organic...I like it!

HollyM said...

Found your blog through Alicia's course. I love how you painted the bag! You sound like me the way you jump right in when you get an idea.