Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Field Trips: Boston Strong!

Friday, July 26, 2013
I've just returned from a trip to Boston.

I saw it ALL . . . 

Never mind the heat!
Well, the heat index of 108 did curtail
my walk along the Freedom Trail.

Didn't seem to bother the plants (or kids) a bit though!

Market was in full swing.
Those brave locals!
They don't even look hot.
But it was . . . oh it was.

So what's with all the inlaid brass art installation in the streets?
Anyone know?
Can't find a thing about it on line.

 Hey which way to Venice?
I need to cool off!
Water!  Water!

Did take a drive along the New England coast to beat the heat.

Salem was MAGICAL!

Funny characters and mysterious women were everywhere in Salem.
They seem to like old fashioned parasols here - perfect to get your shade on.
There were a few vampirish and goth looking folks in the mix as well.
It's a mecca of sorts for the occult.

The museum did a really good job of explaining 
what really happened here at the SalemWitchcraft Trials.
The story was told simply and without too many 
gruesome details for the kids in the audience.
So many innocents were wrongly accused, tortured, 
and then executed without fair trials.

(I did my research paper on it when I studied anthropology, 
so I was happy to see the truth being told here.)
The only Devil work being done was that
of hysterical fear, religious and political extremism and horrible due process.
We learned much from this and thankfully our country never reached 
the extreme measures taken by the Inquisition in Europe.
Woof.  Enough 'bout that American story!

On a lighter note, sorry I didn't take any pics of the folks in town.  
Me . . . well I only really like to take pictures of dogs.

I do love me some well trained dogs . . . dogs that do tricks.
(We won't talk about my own doggie boarding school dropout.  Uh hmm.)

Sophia's is THE place to go for packs of vintage ephemera, tags and such for your art journal.
But oh the scrapbooks photo albums they carry!  
I wish I'd taken a picture....never seen anything like them.
SO BIG and with beautiful reproductions of pre-Raphaelite paintings on the covers.
I want.

Little alleys to discover - colorful historic homes - shady gardens - overflowing window boxes.

 Oh the hydrangeas!  
EVERY color imaginable below.
Have YOU seen peach and lavender and yellow ones before?
I sure hadn't.

Next was Marblehead MA!
THE capitol of sailing in the USA.
Who knew?
Uh the Kennedy's know - that's who.

But back to Boston.
I found the city welcoming and talkative.
They talk to ya here!
Not like L.A. (much).

Did I tell you I stayed in a converted historical PRISON?
Well I did.

Boston is proud.
Boston is healing.


Love is louder.
YES it is!

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Margie said...

Thanks for taking us along! You do such a nice job on these posts my friend.