Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Field Trips: Orchid-licious!

Friday, March 15, 2013
Remember the field trips we took in elementary and middle school?
I think they are my most favorite memories of youth.
All week long, we'd look forward to a break from our routine and the chance to get away from the classroom for a while.  I'm sure it led to my insatiable curiosity, love of learning and avid interests in science, art and nature.

These days, I still send myself out on "field trips" . . .
sometimes spending hours or days researching what I'd like to see and learn more about.
I plan where I'll have lunch or a coffee break and I always pack my camera and sketchbook.

I want you to be my "buddy" on some of these field trips, 
so I've launched a new series I call

I'll take you along on some of my favorite outings - places like museums, art fairs, hikes or studios.
Who knows where we'll go.

I hope you'll enjoy the "eye candy"
If you're a bit like me, the images may lead you to spend time afterwards in 
your sketchbook, art journal, diary or easel.

Sometimes, I'll show you what's come of the inspiration for me - on the field trip day itself or some time soon after.  I'd love to see if it's sparked some creative action for do please share links back to your work in the comments.

*  *  *  *  *

 I've always loved flowers, especially orchids!
I often use them in my work and in our when I stumble upon a orchard of orchids, 
it makes me so happy.

I photographed these beautiful specimens on my recent trip to the 
(I could do a month's worth of posts from the inspiration I found there alone!)

You really don't realize orchids have a scent until you walk into an entire room filled with them!
Such a subtle fragrance.

Their colors are so vivid . . . so varied.
Their origins, so exotic!

Their shapes so organic  . . . 

Lush, aren't they?

The orchids inspired a goof off in the new sketch book this week.

(Basically any reason for dots  -  seems I've become a "dot delivery system".)

* * * * * 

Here's some older Flower Power!

Even embedded REAL orchids into these below!
Yes I did . . . uh huh.

which are part of this painted wooden screen . . . 

And this below has no flower power at all, but it's just so stinkin' cute!

"Flea" is one great studio assistant!
He never complains or (hardly ever) gets in the way.

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Margie said...

You are a wild woman woman!! Just bought two new orchids from Trader Joe's! They have gorgeous plants oh so reasonable. Happy Friday!