Friday, November 30, 2012

What's With All Those Dots Anyway

Friday, November 30, 2012

At the beginning of the year all I wanted to paint were vessels.

Lately, I'm all about dots . . . dots on vessels are probably next -
I've found that one painting does lead to the next.

I find dots hypnotic . . . meditative . . . mindful.
I even write with lots of dots....hmmmm.

Dots add drama, design . . . another layer.

They can be ethnic too.
My absolute favorites are painted by the Australian Aborigines . . .
like the ones you can see here.

Dots are graphic and decorative.
They border and move the eye. 

They're easy, but add lots of complexity when repeated again and again.

They can loop and swirl.

Leave trails to follow.

Sometimes, they are tiny constellations within a galaxy of color.

Or resting places . . . each dot, a moment in time, another breath.
Dots slow me down to the speed of life.


Charlotte Pettus said...

I have to tell you - outside of the fact that I always seem to be drawn to and inspired by your work, that earlier this year I too found myself completing all of my paintings with dots.

True story. All of a sudden, I took these paintings I thought were 'finished' and just started adding dots to them, for me, it felt like I was drawing on some crazy, Australian aboriginal ancestor (of which I do not believe I have any) - but the effects were tremendous -they added this insane (BEAUTIFUL) energy that I did not know could be in my work. I now cannot complete a painting without adding dots. (((♥)))

And then you said, "Dots slow me down to the speed of life." <---and I got it.
xoxo thank you

Christine Benavente said...

Your blog and work are amazing and inspirational. I read every post and enjoy them all so much. Sharing is a wonderful thing in this world. Great comments too, Charlotte.

Margie said...

Happy New Year Chickie! I am loving these! Looking forward to a year filled with wonder and creativity.