Tuesday, January 1, 2013

All In!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013
I've been enjoying a long blogging break over the holidays ......

I hope 2013 is the 

And yes, I've gone through my usual ritual of not setting resolutions for the New Year
but choosing a "guiding word" instead.

But not after my other usual ritual of changing it 3 times.

It's finally revealed itself to me as two words, not one.

It's "All in" . . . with a capital A!
"All in" as in engaged, passionate, wholehearted, super-creative - "ALL in"!
And the things I'm "All in" for are numerous,
but actually they're just the things that make me feel my happiest and most joyful.
So I guess I'm "All in" for happy, "All in" for joy!

My husband chose "Adventure" so you know I'll do my part to make that happen!

How 'bout you?
Have a guiding word or phrase for your new year?


Margie said...

All In creatively works for me!! Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

I wanted to let you know that you've been affecting me creatively. last year for 21 secrets, I went nuts making painted papers. I evolved my own method because I was too impatient for the doodled papers, so I make them like paste paper, but with straight acrylic paint, no paste and had a blast with them. Although now I have two huge boxes of 6 x 9" papers to do something with. LOL! I'm planning to use some for bookcovers.

Also, I finally took time to do a "spirit painting" from your last workshop and had a lot of fun getting lost in the painting and into my right brain and "finding' lots of figures.

I just wanted to let you know that you had a positive effect on me, at least. I like to hear when someone has had a good time in one of my classes, so figured you would also.

Thanks again,
Sue Cole
Fairbanks, Alaska

Tracie said...

Ah Sue! I hope you've subscribed to comments here, because I couldn't reach you directly since you left no email. I just want to thank you......you have no idea what this meant to me. You've made my year! So happy to have been part of your creative "blooming"!

Unknown said...

it told me to sign in with my google account, so I thought you would see it that way. akartisan@gmail.com

Also, I was going to let you know that I had trouble seeing some of the number things that you have to type in when leaving a coment, so I tried the sound thing, but it was so distorted you couldn't understand it at all. I know you don't control it, just letting you know.
Thanks again, and I'm glad you've made the video still available to look at once in awhile. Another teacher I took lessons from, Jane Hofstetter, (she has a book, but can't remember the exact title. 7 steps to a great painting, maybe) also paints spirit paintings in watercolor. She's a great teacher.