Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pastel Sunrise For Breakfast

Wednesday, June 6, 2012
If you don't live near the Southern California coast, then you probably never knew that June is a bit gloomy - June Gloom they call it. Which is preceded by Gray May. It's caused by the cool ocean breezes from the west mixing with the heating up desert breezes from the east. The weather ALWAYS clears by the fourth of July, so I try to embrace this cooler and foggy few weeks as I know the heat is to come! When I stepped out into the early morning to walk my dog, I was truly surprised by a pastel sunrise. It had to be documented with a background spread in my art journal. It was so soft and beautiful, I nearly ate it for breakfast! For other breakfast colors on my plate, see this growing series of posts I call "Color for Breakfast" by going here.

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Paula said...

I think it's cool that you embrace it, Tracie. I always laugh when I hear someone moan about the June Gloom because, being a Zonie, where the sun shines all the freakin' time (lol), my favorite time to visit Cali is in June. :-) Love your sunrise colors!