Friday, February 24, 2012

A Potter, a Poet and a Painter

Friday, February 24, 2012
Below, you'll find the 2nd collaboration between
poet, story teller and fellow painter Natasha Reilly, and myself.

Her poem was written "in response" to my painting.
Natasha also wrote a story, which you can see here.

I think her words "transcend limits".......enjoy their beauty, depth and color!


The Transcendent Potter

A lone stranger captivated by a woman
Stopped just beneath the full moon.
Lost and then found, this stranger shared
Ancient gifts that lit up the night like lighting.

The return to a childhood home and
Uncovering of deep inscriptions stirs memory
Drawings in red rock, paintings upon the body
And wishes upon insect wings bring peace.

Parents lost along winds of storm and
A question – can anything be remembered?
Hands sunken deep into clay Earth begin
To dig within a soul and unearth colors divine.

She is animal and tree, ocean and sky.
She was every blade of grass and
Clouds pregnant with elements like fire.
She calls out to tigress and gazelle, together.

Colors bleed upon her pots and
She prayers for the first time to Nature.
Barriers burn, forgiveness falls like rain
And her heart unmasks its true light.

For she has discovered that within sand,
In the glow of stardust and smell of Earth
Therein lies our soul, transcending limits.
Souls are not transient but eternal.


Please see the results of our first collaboration here (but it was really done 2nd!).

This is Natasha, the poet and story visit her on her creative blog here.

We are cooking up more ways to collaborate in the near future!


Natasha said...

I absolutely loved creating this - what you painted, this woman you brought to life is so powerful. She taught me a great deal! Thank you for the honor of writing her story!

Indigo Carlton said...

well you've gone and done it again.
shit almighty.
channeling the divine you two are.
effin' beautiful.
so completely effin' awesome all i want to do is use swear words cuz they feel almost powerful enough to describe the feelings aroused by the two of you when you collaborate.
keep it coming sisters.
the world so needs this.
love you both.

Tracie said...

Wowser Indi - next time I see ya I'm bringing the Ivory soap to wash your mouth out! Hahahahaha!