Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"Moonlight Dangled From Their Wrists"

Wednesday, February 22, 2012
The following is a poem written by my dear friend Natasha Reilly,
and what I painted "in response".....

Sometimes I pray to the trees and when I do everything opens.

Under the darkened sky,
the trees whisper stories of sprites and ancient souls,
Of women who howled at the moon - mad with delight -
and danced in scarves made of stardust,
their bodies shimmering in the moonlight.

They would sing to Mother Moon
songs that sounded like the giggles of children -
raw, honest, pure and full of innocent beliefs.
Then lay down with wolves upon the Earth -
Goddesses of the Moss,
grass and all manner of green, moist growth.


Rays of moonlight dangled from their wrists like jewels
and they danced.
They danced for the owl - to inherit its wisdom.
They danced for the stars - to honor light -
the light of heaven and Earth.

They danced for the naked tree limbs to celebrate vulnerability.
They danced for the promise of colored leaves -
the changes that life would bring to all of them,
the promise of explosive beauty before death.

They kissed the sky, savored the clouds,
made love to the galaxy of planets
and prayed to the orbs of light that hovered in dew drops
as the first bands of warmth stretched likea cat across the horizon.

Joy dripped from the corners of their lips like raindrops and pregnant with passion
they let forth a holler to the sky before disappearing into the mist.

Yes, sometimes I pray to the trees and when I do every wonder is revealed.


This is Natasha.
We met in Sedona last year while on our first
FEARLESS™ Painting Retreat.
(BTW - She cartwheels A LOT!)

She and I decided to play with poetry and painting over a series of text messages.
Isn't that magical?
Through the power of satellite transmissions and energy waves, we did it!
And there's more to come - in a day or two.....

Until then, do go visit Natasha here.


Kolleen said...

this is delicious.

what an incredibly beautiful collaboration .... such yumminess to chew on.

peaceandlove to my lodge sisters.


Natasha said...

Tracie...this work is a luscious, intriguing, unforgettable work. You honor me with your talent, your heart, your creative goodness, your artistic soul. I cannot tell you what this painting means to me ...I love it as I love you my beautiful friend, collaborator, sister and cartwheeler. xoxoxo

And I must agree with Kolleen - this is yumminess...thank you for your words Kolleen!

Cartwheeling all over the place. I LOVED doing this!

Alena said...

Yes, Kolleen has it delicious yumminess.


faerian said...

breathtaking - both of you

Cat said...


both artistic expression

love and light

Lynna G Smith said...

Bravo my darlings. Brilliant collaboration

KathrynAntyr said...

Oh what a wonderful story of friendship and connection. I love seeing collaborations of the heart. Thank you for giving me a beautiful start to my day. I'm over the moon knowing that we all will be playing together in the 21 Secrets playground.

Have a lovely day!
{soul hugs}

~hali said...

pure magic. this. the magic of feminine manifestation and knowing. (pretty much speechless over here - too busy soaking it up - going back to read/see again...) ♥

Jennifer said...

Oh Girls!
Words just won't do to express the joy generated by our Sisters' collaboration! <3<3<3
Just look what we can do together *sigh*

Charlotte Pettus said...

Feeling so outrageously fortunate to have you both as friends and compatriots♥ I sometimes wonder at the things I surround myself with in this life... and then I turn around, faced with this full-on, atmospheric, hug of joy and love... and I spill over with gratitude that I get to witness it.

Christine Graziano Miner said...

So incredibly beautiful, both of you!1 <3

Shauna said...

love that you guys did this! so beautiful and so inspiring. proud to call you my sisters!!

Tammie Lee said...

I can see why this poem inspired you, it is a beauty that emanates energy and life, mystery and magic! Your painting is gorgeous and draws me in to experience the light and dark and mystery. You two dance beautifully together!

Tammie Lee said...

also... i do not remember the last time I cart wheeled, you make me want to give it a go ~

Margie said...

What a wonderful collaboration! Beautiful!

Mousie/Paisible/Sarah said...

what beautiful work !