Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Always Continue the Hunt

Wednesday, February 15, 2012
I admit it, I'm a bit of an inspiration junkie -
especially tidbits about the creative process.
I tell you, I can glean it from the CRAZIEST places.
But from a Surf God?
Well, I do live in Surf City.

Last night, we watched Laird Hamilton on OWN network's "Master Class" (while munching our Valentine chocolate dipped strawberries, thank you very much!)

There were many life lessons he spoke to during the show.
But the part that really got me was a segment subtitled "always continue the hunt".

In it, Laird says, and I'm paraphrasing, "One of my goals from the beginning was to love surfing -- to make sure I don't EVER stop loving surfing. To continue to love it, I must create aspects of it that I'm pursuing . . . that I'm striving toward. I have morphing goals . . . when I get near it, I change it. As a hunter/gatherer, when we stop having something to hunt, we lose the whole point."

I feel the same way about painting.
This has led me to many a class, many an artist date and many a book about creativity.

I want to always love painting.
And that means I have to continuously practice, seek inspiration, seek community, grow & stretch.

Sometimes those pieces come easily, often they don't.
Right now I'm having a helluva a time!
I am SERIOUSLY in love with painting!

Here's one I started today.....

(collage, acrylic and pencil on 36x36" canvas)

She's gotta a bit of an attitude, don't you think?
I don't know where these characters come from.....

I'll leave you with a bit of the Laird Hamilton show....
not the segment I spoke of, but it's another goodie.....enjoy!
(Forgive the short commercial in the beginning.)

Laird Hamilton's Toughest Competitor

Surfer Laird Hamilton says he is his own toughest competition. Find out why he only uses his gift on the water for art, not contests.


Christine Graziano Miner said...

Oh Tracie, Your work is amazing! It is so wonderful watching your progressions and your growth! Beautiful!

Margie said...

There is something going on with your backgrounds and color combos, I love ths transformation going on missy.

Melanie said...

I absolutely love this painting. Oh, my, but it is beautiful!

Cat said...

awesome clip
very inspiration and so true

that painting is amazing...the colour and textures on it
I love it

love and light

Tracie said...

synchronicity happens....tonite I went to see "The Descendants" with a girliefriend. Who was in one of the first scenes? Laird Hamilton. Don't think I've EVER scene him in a movie before!