Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mystic Art Medicine

Thursday, November 3, 2011

My recent trip to Sedona, AZ yielded many extraordinary gifts. The first came wrapped in a warm, gracious and glowing package called "Cher Lyn".

Cher Lyn is an intuitive painter with whom I had recently become acquainted. She lives and shows her work in Sedona, so a few of us made plans to meet to see her work before our painting retreat began. I was thrilled when Cher Lyn said she'd meet us all at the gallery!!

Cher Lyn's work is incredibly profound......deep, mystical and healing. While her work made an enormous impact on me, the time Cher Lyn spent with us was remarkable. She spent well over an hour in conversation with us. She spoke of her daily dedication to her art - of how it has impacted her life, teaching her many life lessons. We were all deeply moved. Her visible passion reinforced our own longings. In her, we saw that our own calling to make art is true and real. I wish I had recorded the conversation - I don't think she realizes the effect she had on us all.

Cher Lyn told us of one epic work she'd done that took 11 years to complete! She generously shared a book filled with images from that painting combined with her written word......a complete story. This was an art form I'd not seen before - I could've sat with that book for the entire day.

Cher Lyn went on to explain other paintings - a self portrait that evolved through many stages, that also took much time to complete. Most, however, take months, not years, to come to completion. I realized that the hours I typically spend on a painting may not be enough to achieve the depth I want . . . I am still learning.

I hope you'll visit Cher Lyn's site and discover for yourself this gifted artist process. Don't miss a single page-it's filled with wisdom and beauty.

Thank you Cher Lyn - thank you for your time, your generosity and your guidance. I'm truly longing for more!!


Photo provided by Lisa Wilson.

Seated left to right are:
Lisa Wilson
Lisa Hofmann
Indigo Carlton
Cher Lyn


Indigo Carlton said...

love this! love her! love your new look here! love you! yay!!!!!

Natasha said...

Ummm I feel like I could just cut and paste Indigo's comment here...LOVE all around I wish I'd met her but I'm SOOO thankful you have included a way for me to do that here...and LOVE the new look you are sporting and I love you and I love all our retreat pals and...on and one

latebloomerbuds said...

You take art to a whole other level my friend. Good for you! Cute pic. You look fab, happy as a clam. XO

P.S. Launched my etsy shop! I am over the moon!!