Thursday, May 5, 2011

Work Work Work Work Work

Thursday, May 5, 2011
I do so love my "work" - mostly because my "work" has become play.

That is writing, painting, journaling, dreaming,'s all part of my job description! Ain't I lucky? Yeah. I know . . . and I am truly grateful.

I've been a little quiet cause ya see, I've been off selling my book (have you seen my book?) at parties! Parties, I tell ya! So, I've not been 'round much.

And when I am around, I'm likely playing in my art journals . . . stretching my wings.

Dreaming in my notebook....

adding another layer to a painting in progress . . .

Even conjuring up a little something extra special - just for YOU!
That's right! Details coming soon about "Room to Bloom", my blog series blooming with amazing art goddesses and their colorful creative spaces! Cannot wait to share more, but have to hold back just a little longer!

Stay tuned!


Lisa said...

Oooh - yummy colors and images as always! And SO much going on - I love it!!!

Margie said...

Ah yes, an artist's works never done, poor thing! LOL! My fav is the goddess with wings. Go Tracy! Hugs!