Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Before the Writing

Tuesday, May 10, 2011
Before the writing, comes the background....which I must admit is my favorite part of the art journaling process.

Always wanting to do that way more than the writing part.

Love to make my "tiny little paintings" - books full of them!

Knocking out a little creative act in 15 minutes or so gives me great joy.

A little something to keep coming back to . . .

By the way, I hope you'll keep coming back. To here I mean, because something special is on the verge of blooming! I've asked some very creative women from around the world to share their art making sanctuaries with us . . . their "Room to Bloom"! We all need that, don't you agree?

Over the month of May, we'll be invited into their private creative spaces and see where it's all done! Hope you'll drop back in!


Margie said...

I'm in! Xo

jennifer h. said...

Oh, I'm just crazy about the colors you use and what you do with them! xoxo