Monday, October 4, 2010

"The Hug"

Monday, October 4, 2010
Today, I had some much needed painting time. I loved that it was cold and raining - something we don't get much here in sunny SoCal. The rain gave me the added incentive I needed to stay inside....I tell ya, I was creating a helluva a list of what I "should" do!

I'm so happy I gave myself the art-making time. I haven't painted in a while and the calling was building in me like the thunderclouds brewing outside my window.

This painting came pouring out of me in less than an hour. It is one of the few I can claim was truly created "intuitively" (which may account for the surreal aspect).

I began with the usual (for me) brightly painted geometric background. Which frankly, I am sick of painting, but that's what came out. Being sick of it and all, I grabbed a hand full of titanium white and literally smeared it on. Finger painting, yay! That'll loosen you up!

When I stepped back to look at my colorful mess, there she was..... a figure lurking, waiting to be pulled forth. So I did and here she is for all the world to see.

I cannot tell you the satisfaction that comes from painting intuitively. It is a practice that teaches faith and surrender.... like religion. Trust the process. Forget the outcome. No matter if pieces like this never sell or find an is so incredibly fulfilling. Like a big, long hug .... for myself.


Emma said...

Ah, great description of the process! And look what you created!

Effy said...

This painting really speaks to me. I had a visceral reaction to it and felt an intense longing for peace, for certainty...I guess that's what art does, eh?

Beautiful, beautiful. I'm excited about your class at 21 Secrets, btw!