Thursday, September 30, 2010

Going Tribal

Thursday, September 30, 2010
I'm getting some backgrounds painted in a new journal I made for an upcoming trip. I used Teesha Moore's infamous 16 page journal technique. Instructions can be found on her blog here. I doubled mine though and made it a 32 pager!

Because I love all things ethnic or tribal, I decided to explore that a bit in this tiny tome.

Some of it looks a bit African, some's all mixed up.

Got many more pages to paint, and I'll share more as it's done.
(I may even get brave enough to show you pages after I've journaled in them....well probably not.)

Don't you just LOVE white gel pens?? Obviously I do!

Don't forget.....21 Secrets, an (online) Art Journal Playground is open for registration now thru Dec 1. BUT class opens tomorrow and everyone will be there! I'm one of 21 teachers and I'm sooooo excited! For more details and registration, just look to the right of this page for the 21 Secrets button! Hope to see you there!!


Lisa said...

Gorgeous! Love it, Tracie!

Kristin said...

Looking forward to participating in 21 Secrets! I love your swirlies. And stargazers are my favorite... I've got a bouquet of them on my kitchen table right now that I'm willing to last forever. :)

Effy said...

I love all things tribal but haven't yet dared to try my hand at working in that style. This is so inspiring! The colour choices are beautiful...

The Dreaming Bear said...

Hi there! Happy to find your lively blog! Love all of these journal pages! They are beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing!

The Dreaming Bear said...

Hi there! Just found your all these gorgeous journal pages! Great colors! Will be back!