Friday, September 10, 2010

We've all got secrets...

Friday, September 10, 2010
We've all got secrets, but I've got a big one. AND it's time I let you in on it!

Look what I've been up to.....well me and 20 other art journalers.....

Connie over at Dirty Footprints Studio has gone and made us spill our guts....our art journalin' guts! (She's so smart, that Connie.)

And YOU can be a part of our little clique too! Here's who's in the gang.....

Andrea Schroeder
ABC Creativity

Angelia Thompson
Angelia’s Art Journals

Connie Hozvicka
Dirty Footprints Studio

Dawn Sokol

Effy Wild
Wild. Precious

Emma Peabody
Treehouse Jukebox

/Hanna Andersson
iHanna’s Blog

Heidi Newstrand-Dilley

Jonathan “Blade” Manning
The Artistic Biker

Kelly Warren
Artful Happiness

Less Herger
Comfortable Shoes Studio

Lis Hofmann
Dandelion Seeds and Dreams

Lisa Wilson
Life Unity


Natalie Malik
Awkwardly Beautiful

Paula Phillips
Journal Artista

Samantha Kira Harding
Journal Girl

Sarah Whitmire

The Paper Phantom

Tami Chacon
Dream Wish Hope

and ME!

Don't I hang with a cool crowd? (Wow, I never was the cool kid...until now.) And I want YOU to be one of the cool kids too! Registration opens Monday, September 20th....don't fret, I'll remind you!

( you know....for $59, you'll have access to ALL 21 art journaler's workshops! ALL 21! I'm not lying!) This is gonna be good! Shhhh.....I promised I wouldn't tell. Okay...go ahead and tell. You can say you heard it here! I never could be trusted with the secrets anyway - especially 21 Secrets!

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andre said...

this is going to be so awesome.

Emma said...

You're totally cool!