Monday, July 26, 2010

A Happy Place

Monday, July 26, 2010
Lately, I've been in such a silly, sunny happy place. It's showing up on my journal pages. I knocked out this one before 9am.....kinda sappy, huh?

I have mentioned that I only share my pages before I actually journal on them, right? So this sappy page is bound to get a bit grungier! I just can't be that sweet.

Maybe my pages are looking this way because it's summer in the city ...and maybe it's because of the new pool . . . and could be due to Connie's influence AND maybe it's just cause Sabrina Ward Harrison's coming to town for "Trust the Mess"! I hear the workshop is nearly full....better sign up! I'm just saying.....


Lis said...

There definitely is something in the air ... or the paint?

I like your kind of silly, sappy (sippy sally?) ... sign me up for more!

talk about love bombs!
xo Lis

Kerri said...

not sappy at all! love it!

Darcy said...

Just wanted to ay Hi, love the look of your blog and your journal pages are fantastic.