Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nothing to Complain About

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I suddenly realized that I have been in “complaining mode” for a very long time now. Sure, I could justify it all—in the past year there has been more life altering events and circumstances than should normally occur in a short length of time. But my gloomy outlook may have become a nasty habit. And it’s one I’m willing to break.

So what it would take to make me truly happy? Everything can not be absolutely perfect—that’s what goals are for….but what defines true happiness for me?

Here’s what I found after some quiet time spent thinking about it:

I must have healthy dose of self esteem—no endless self bashing!
I must feel fit and energetic.
I must accept the love offered me more easily.
I must make the most of my talents to feel useful and productive.
I must have new experiences, know interesting people and travel on occasion.
I must maintain a strong, sexy and committed marriage.
I must have animals in my life to love and care for.
I must continuously learn, grow and explore my strange and varied interests!
I must feel independent and self reliant.
I must share my life with a few close friends and family.
I must have regular, if not daily, time alone.
I must have a relationship with the divine through my own spiritual practices.
I must love our home, wherever that may be.
I must express myself creatively through art, writing, style and conversation.
I must have a sense of balance and order.
I must have time in nature weekly.
I must have integrity in my relationships, words, values and finances.
I must feel attractive.
I must have, and create, beauty around me.
I must feel in charge of my life’s choices.

It’s quite a list, but I can clearly see where changes are needed. Mostly, I’m on the right track and that is nothing to complain about!


Lorelai said...

Is complaining a habit, or is it a superstitious practice, like Asian mothers replying "she just is a very ordinary, plain girl" when her ravishingly beautiful daughter is complimented on her looks? Is complaining a way of maintaining balance while waiting for the other shoe to drop because things are actually "too" good? What if there really ISN'T another shoe?

In Mid Bloom said...

That's what it is! Things are often TOO good, which is scary cause the other shoe is bound to drop eventually, right?

What if there really ISN'T another shoe ...hmmmmmmm. Love the way you think!