Sunday, October 12, 2014

What I Love Most

Sunday, October 12, 2014
I've been quiet on my blog for so long, I could have easily abandoned it altogether.  I may still.  
I notice lots of people have quit blogging - it seems to be a reaction to the quicker
Twitter or Instragram (neither of which I do).

My heart remains with the slower paced stuff, so for now I'll do it when the mood strikes.

Yesterday, I had so much fun finding these images within abstract backgrounds 
created with acrylic paint and modeling paste on paper.

Finding shapes and faces inside a colorful chaos is what I love most!
Over the past few years of painting, it's the technique I return to again and again.
Each time I do, it feels new and exciting.

I love the surprise.  The NOT planning or composing.
I love making sense of partial shapes.
The kind-of-sort-of story.
The mystery.
The making of something from nothing.

Don't let them fool you - these are all tiny little paintings.
Each is only about 3x4 inches.
It's fun to paint small when I usually go big!

Images were brought forth using Inktense pencil and white gelly roll pen, 
right in my lap as I watched The DaVinci Code for the 10,000+ time.
I sense a theme.....hidden messages, art making....
blah blah - you have to know the movie or book.

Because all the forms were found and not composed, 
I don't even think they look like the same artist did them all.
Which tickles my artistic funny bone.


Elizabeth Halt said...

Oh my goodness - I would love to sit and watch you work! The colors! The glorious chaos!

Margie said...