Friday, August 15, 2014

Seeking Shade . . . and Inspiration

Friday, August 15, 2014
Out and about today for an "artist's date" in Palm Springs.

I'm seeking shade . . . and inspiration!

Today, I explored a hip local nursery filled with 
handmade gifts, desert plants, fountains, artsy little benches and sculpture.

After, I cooled off with an iced soy latte beside the cool waters of a trickling fountain . . .

and sought shelter from the blazing sun!

This little chapel was so magnetic, I had to stop for a looksie.
All the little old ladies from the neighborhood were filing in for mass, 
so I didn't peak inside - I will do that V. VERY soon!

Aren't the mosaics lovely?

Further down the canyon, I dropped by the local art oasis for a small cache of supplies.
No more slugging paints and brushes and art journals from beach to desert for me!

I discovered this journal filled with canvas!  
What!  Have you seen these?
Now I'm off to play.

Enjoy what's left of summer y'all!
Stay cool.


Margie said...

Love your excursions AND that canvas notebook. So cool!!

Tracie said...

Muah Margie!