Tuesday, May 6, 2014

When I'm Silent

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

"When I'm silent, I have thunder hidden inside." - Rumi

(Which is a poetic way of saying I've been enjoying my little Spring break from "Bloglandia".)

Painting has turned in a new direction.
Some are ink-y and collage-y and on paper.
Some are on my standard big ole canvas.

All are decidedly more florescent and simple lined.
The color and ease of Spring seem to have greatly influenced me.

Yes, I'm quite good at this life of leisure! 

I'm the girl curled up with (another) life-altering book 
in the corner of my breezy beachside courtyard.

Or you may find me soaking up the heat in a warm, desert courtyard!
Muy caliente.

I do admit to having a severe case of Spring Fever.

Are you filling up on flowers and sunshine and color and air?
Finding any "white space" on your calendar to just BE?

Do find some time for you.


Ophelia said...

This blog post makes me so very happy! I love your paintings!!! Love them! Your photos are amazing. Thanks for sharing this!

Tracie said...

Ophelia! Thank YOU! I love the thought I've made you smile….

Eileen Sottovia said...

Wonderful artwork, wonderful post! We're finally enjoying spring and some really pretty blooms here in NJ too....FINALLY! Love your inspiration!

Margie said...

I LOVE the new direction. The first two are so unique. There is something about them that speak to me. Life is good. Glad you are a happy camper.

Kelly said...

Love this Tracie and then new style of painting is so yummy! I love the vibrant, full-of-life colors. You make me want to get my paint brushes out right now and it's 6:55 am here.

Cynthia said...

beautiful. I would love to spend a day painting with you!