Sunday, March 9, 2014

So Far This Morning

Sunday, March 9, 2014

A conversation with the kohl-eyed beauties of Starbucks drive thru:

"How are you today?" said the cheerful speaker.

"Well, actually I'm angry!" I replied.

"About what, may I ask?"

"That my dang coffee maker broke."

"Ooooh I'm HAPPY that your coffee maker broke!  Drive on up!"

I pulled around the drive way.   
I came to a stop at the window just as my order taker and another were
finishing a detailed critique of each other's eye lining technique.
(They had mad skills I tell you.)

The two crowded into the tiny window, their dark eyes and faux-sympathy filling the space.

"What kind of coffee maker is it?" asked the second barista.

"A Frigidaire.  A $150 stainless steel model and it's less than 3 months old!" I explained.

"Return it!" cried my order taker.

"Yeah, return it," said the second.  "They make cheap stuff nowadays.  Return it, get your $150,  
then come right back here and buy a Starbucks card - we NEVER break!  This one's on us."


Margieb said...

Cute post. Quite a morning, but with skies like that, the coffee pot incident fades. Make sure you do a review on the sucker however. It will help with your frustration! Happy Sunday my friend!

Elizabeth Halt said...

Those skies !!!!! It looks like the sky is on fire. Hopefully with love.

Bummer about the coffee pot, though.