Saturday, January 11, 2014

Pages From My Daybook - (A Video)

Saturday, January 11, 2014
I made a video just for you!

It's 6 minutes long and in it, I've gathered (some of) my art journal pages.

I'm pretty dang shy about spilling my guts on line, 
so at times I've shared only backgrounds photographed just 
before the "juicy journaling" bit.
Others times I've edited to show pieces of the page.
But sometimes I just let it rip….uh oh what have I done!?!



Pages From My Daybook


Margie said...

Wow, beautiful and the whole shebang! I had a few faves, but of course, they all melded together Into an explosion of color and beauty. Thank you!

sersk said...

Love the vibrant colors. beautiful and touching. thank you for your bravery, xo

Kelly D said...

This is beautiful Tracie. I just love it all...

Liette alias Pixelle said...

i didn't expect something ordinary from you...i knew before i watch 3 times your video that i will be enchanted...the vibration of your art is so unique...splendid...uncomparable..I adore your presentation, very very nice music matching with your journal...thanks for share all that happy to know you xxx

Cynthia Lee said...

oh my love ... this was divine and serene. Thank you for sharing. sitting for these few minutes, the music, the messages ... I feel nourished.

Be gentle with your soul bird. I needed that message today. thank you.

Susan Johnson-Lipman said...

Tracie, The vibrant colors mixed together in different "scenarios" is fascinating. I sat mesmerized as I watched your video. I love how you are finding yourself in your art, or perhaps the art has found you. It is definitely wonderful "eye candy!"
Susan L.