Thursday, January 23, 2014

Inside My Tiny Home Studio

Thursday, January 23, 2014
In our back yard, I have a tiny room of my own.
It's a 10ft x 12ft Tuff Shed, but my husband improved it with an 
electrical outlet, drywall and a wooden floor.

It's a small space, but I pack a lot in!
(The rest of our home is clean lined, spare and contemporary.)
But here, I let fairy lights, artful clutter and a mish mash of furnishings have their way.

I couldn't do without shelves crammed with art supplies 
or a hanging shelf full of mementos.

Oh and the fashion photos propped on the shelf? 
They're my "models" for sketching.
(I adore bohemian fashion pix from Johnny Was, Anthropologie and Free People.)

Step on in. 
To the right is a giant vase of rolled canvas and paper projects.
Along the wall waits a rolling rack of works on paper and canvas.
My art journaling desk is covered with brown paper to catch paint - 
it'll soon become collage fodder.

To the left, I've managed to fit an easel and a rack - now lined with journals and sketchbooks.

I have an "inspiration wall" for pinning things I love.
 My desk holds books and mags that inspire, my writing journal 
and 3 art journals in current rotation.

I keep a "gratitude jar" beside the books on my desk.
Inside are tiny rolled up notes of beautiful things 
that have happened since the first of the year.  
(It's getting full already!!)

 Scented candles and orchids are mandatory.

Mandalas come and go . . .

I made this portfolio for Misty Mawn's on line class, Full Circle.
Coolest idea ever me thinks.

The cover was inspired by a photo I'd pinned to my inspiration wall weeks ago.
See how things manifest?

(I'm hoping the Flora Bowley card I pinned there 
will result in being able to attend an art retreat with her soon . . . they sell out so fast!
Crossing fingers.)


Margie said...

Well this was just so much fun seeing your space! I love it. Every inch is filled to capacity with creativity. In my mind, what a studio should be. Mine is always too neat. Plain and simple. Hmmm. Thanks for taking us on a tour of where you hang out and make fab art. xo

kass hall said...

Love seeing people's create spaces - you cram so much goodness into that space and yet it doesn't feel cramped at all. Thanks for sharing!

laura said...

Hi Traci!
I love how you put your jars of utensils inside of that suitcase/briefcase. Great idea:)

Liette alias Pixelle said...

wouawwwwwwww....fantastic are lucky to have a so nice and inspired place for your love love

Cynthia Myers said...

I remember years ago when you first showed your art studio and WOW! has it changed. I think it might have been the first post of yours that I read. Wow, time has flown. You have come so far in your creations! Awesome!