Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Typical Badass Warrior Stuff

Wednesday, November 20, 2013
Before I picked up my first paintbrush,
I didn't know that walking the creative path would some days be like slaying dragons.
I mean it seems a pretty sedate life choice to paint, ya know?

But dragons are stealthy and quiet - I swear people in your life usually can't even see them.
Some are disguised as self-doubt, some as criticism, some as boredom, many as fear.
Really there are a thousand different dragons!

("Angel In My Pocket", collage & acrylic on canvas, 36"x36".)

Just when you conquer one dragon, here comes the next.

The ONLY thing that works in this endless battle is to just show up.
Everyday, in every way.
Dedication, routine, ritual, devotion, practice, courage - typical badass warrior stuff.

(Work in progress, collage & acrylic on canvas, 24"x30".)

Bandage the wounds, get some rest, steel yourself for another day with the dragon.
Paint, write, draw, doodle, dance . . . just do your art.  

Show up. 
Again and again.
Today and tomorrow.

And remember wise Nietzsche's words -  "that which does not kill you, makes you stronger".

("The Ritual", collage, acrylic & graphite on canvas, 36"x60")


Margie said...

Dear Badass warrior Chick,

These are fabulous, keep showing up and do what you do as what's coming of it rocks big time,

Love, Margie

Charlotte Pettus said...

From the moment I met you, yes, Badass Warrior Chick. And that in my brain, you managed to reconcile someone so Southern Californa-ey and Badass Warrior into one body? Rampant force of nature, I say. ♥ I love that I get to be in a world with your art.

Ophelia said...

Your work is just amazing!! I LOVE everything!!! Wow!!! You make awesomeness!!!

Carla (Color Heals Me) said...

Thanks for this encouragement. It is so true ...the things I'm doing right now are requiring such courage to face my own fears and self-doubts

Liette alias Pixelle said...

oh yeah!! you are so right...many dragons and many wars to face and art is fabulous...