Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Field Trip: Color-full Portland

Friday, June 28, 2013
I never expected Portland to be so color-full.
I mean, one hears a lot about the rain . . . an awful lot!

But the skies were the clearest deepest blue!

The weather warm and fine.

The sun brought out more smiles and mischief seekers than I'd seen in a very long time.

Not that I'd have any part of mischief seeking . . .

Nope not me.

Oh I digress.
Back to the color.

There was moonshine too . . . Super Moon shine!

And 10 pm rooftop-tribal gathering-laughter-filled sunsets.

I'm fortunate to have been part of a small "tribal" gathering 
in town to visit artist Sabrina Ward Harrison.

 Sabrina lives in a gorgeous loft in the heart of Portland's most creative village.
We gasped when we were invited in.
"Handmade Life" is Sabrina's mantra - and it's beyond any imaginings.

(Flowers for teacher.)

Sabrina is a beloved and gifted artist.
As I told her then (and want to remind her again), 
"the vulnerability you express in your art is a key to unlock women's hearts."

Few may know that her teaching style can unleash our OWN poetry.
I heard others share such soul stirring words and remembrances in response to her prompts -
that I was left spellbound.
I've not stopped writing since.

Sparkles and magic I tell you.
Sparkles and magic.

Here's Sabrina and I back in December - before she moved away to Portland. 
We're doing a jig to celebrate . . . 
that is, celebrate my hubby and I acquiring this painting!

I pretty much still dance around it!

Okay, I confess it did rain one of our three days together.
But my friend Jennifer provided all the sunshine and color I needed!

We've now hit THREE art retreats together in the past couple of years!
I think we're getting really kind of good at it.
So I expect there'll be more.

Go visit her here - she's a ray of southern sunshine and charm!
Can't you just see that?
Oh I miss that drawl.

Hoping to see you again soon dear Portland.
Until then . . . 


elizn said...

Thanks for sharing all your pictures and words,Tracie. This post is a little present capturing the magic of the weekend!!

Cynthia Lee said...

wow! so much color. I am drooling!

Cynthia Myers said...

OH! What color!
I'm so envious.
Looks like a wonderful time.
My nieces have been to the Portland area when they have the Fairie Festival and they love it, in fact they want to move there.
I really have to go someday and check it out!
Thanks for this post.

Jenn said...

Oh how I love this post...knowing I can come back to your blooming space and dive into the colorful memories!! (Btw, how the heck did I miss that Balinese temple cloth?!!) I had so much fun!! 3 retreats and counting - we're just getting started chica!! :D><--- sending you a great big ol Portland smile...and a beard...hehe!! Muah!! <3 <3 <3

Liette alias Pixelle said...

never went to Portland, thanks to share your colorful photos...