Friday, May 31, 2013

It's Magic!

Friday, May 31, 2013

Check out these altered papers I made using CitraSolv 
(a natural/non-toxic cleaning solvent) and National Geographic pages!
It won't work on any other magazine.

First you use the solvent to create abstract backgrounds.
Then art is made using a variety of inks to "paint" with.
More solvent can be used to "erase" areas too.
Stencils, gel pens and all sorts of other methods can be used with this substrate. 

I learned how to do it (yes, there's a real method to the madness) 
from the most gifted and generous of teachers, Cathy Taylor

BUT CitraSolv's site is half devoted to making art with their product.
There's video tutorials, galleries and more!
Check it out.

 Isn't the effect dreamy?
Right in line with my "tribal style".

Here are scores of pages "in process" below.
See how many more I have to do my thang with! 

It's pretty addictive, I do admit. 
I may not come up for air all weekend.
Good thing the CitraSolv smells so dang good.


Margie said...

Cool beans! REALLY cool beans! What a fab journal it will be when put together!

Lynda Wood said...

Absolutely LOVE these. I'm ogling my stash of National Geographic magazines now and wondering why I don't own any Citra Solv! Putting it on my shopping list.

Terri Morse said...

Tracie, that is so cool! I have piles of back issues of Nat Geo. Oh, the possibilities! Thanks for turning us on to this. I'm going to check out their website. -Terri

Unknown said...

In case you have trouble finding it, the Citra Solv is usually in the health food section of the store.

I also like to do things like: while 2 pages are still wet, stick them together and pull them apart one or more times, or from the edge, lift up and put down again to make designs that way. I tried other things, but the citra solv and the NG both work the best and the older NG's work better

Galia Alena said...

Love these, they're so fabulous.
I've been wanting to play with citrasolv for years but sadly its not available in my part of the world :(

Liette alias Pixelle said...

i discovered citra solv few years ago...i had so much fun but i didn't find to way to use my background...OH THANKS A LOT for that post Tracie...can i ask you a question about the supplies who wrote the best over those new background...your exprerience will help me to stop ruining my pencils...will wait your answer before i go back for excavation with those pages...oh YeaHHHHHHH so made my day...did i told you that you have change my way to do art since I have followed your class next year on 21 secrets...thanks a again for that new

Tracie said...

@Liette - You melt me! Thank you for your comment - I'm sooooo happy to have inspired you. As for what writes best over the backgrounds, I've not tried any kind of pencil - but the gel pens work great. I've tried Signet white gel pen and also the Sakura GellyRoll pens and both work well. White looks great, but the metallics wow! I used acrylic inks too to "tap" on color where I want it - those used with a "dip pen" would probably work for writing too. Good luck - do some and post a link!!

@Galia - when I head to AussieLand one day I'm bringing you CitraSolv! Hee hee!

Christine Graziano Miner said...

Beautiful Tracie!!!