Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Field Trips: A Day at the Bazaar

Friday, May 3, 2013
My creative soul belongs to the exotic.
I never find more inspiration than I do in travel, color, story and spice.
But it's not always possible to run away to Morocco or Egypt.
So I seek it out closer to home.

Should I find a Taste of the Orient, the Green Celtic Isles, 
the Sands of Arabia or any Aboriginal Land, I'm in heaven.

Welcome to this week's Friday Field Trip.
Come along.  
Spend a Day at the Bazaar!

This past weekend I found more than a taste of the exotic.
I found cart loads of inspiration!

The cool touch of ceramic beads under shady tents and umbrellas.

Fortunes told for a small price.
Come on . . . she only tells the "good stuff".

Silver warmed by the sun - almost too hot to touch.
But I did anyway.

Tribal mask anyone?  
Or a perhaps a ride atop a surly beast?
I'll take the mask, thank you.

People who made me laugh.
Even one with a scented beard!  Oh my.

Drum beats and mandolin and swaying hips.

Kohl rimmed eyes and offerings of dance.

Trinkets your's for pennies and others?  
Well, those will are a small fortune!

A ribbon for your hair will keep you cool, come summer.

Drape me in beads and baubles.

Wrap me in lapis and agates and textiles from lands far from here.

Run your hands over fossils and gems from times immortal.

Oh let me one day see this woman's home!
Can you imagine what it looks like?
She promised it was BEYOND anything I could......

It was so hard not to fill my pack with these slivers of turquoise!
I resisted, but I don't know how.

Not that I didn't come home with a treasure or two - okay three.

I took all of these pictures within an hour's drive of my home.  
Isn't that amazing?
Some were at the Bower's Museum Bead Bazaar.

And the pleasure was all mine!


Liette alias Pixelle said...

like you my soul is full of joy when i see so much color, rocks,jewels,ribbons,cloths...I adore the exotic all the way!!! i was a belly dancer for many years and i learned with a troup director who was a pure egyptian make me remember that nice time in my life...thanks for those wonderful photos....

Margie said...

The second I saw Bazaar in the post, I said oh boy! You don't disappoint woman. The photos are magnificent, the colors make me squeal, and your words just add the finishing touch. AHHHHHHH!

Jenn said...

I LOVE these pics - and those tribal masks - OMG!!!

I am so stinkin' excited I get to go on a real live field trip with you soon!!! :) xoxo