Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Field Trips: My Mom the Artist

Friday, April 26, 2013
Today's "Friday Field Trip" is an extra special one.
It's really more of a show and tell.

I want to introduce you to my Mom, long time artist Caroline Bell.

I can't really remember when my Mom didn't paint.
I know it began when I was VERY young.  

If I remember correctly, her painting grew from a desire 
to decorate our home on a budget AND an instinct she'd be able to just do it!
She has the kind of creative confidence that inspires.

She always had "an eye" for interior design, 
so I suppose it was a natural evolution to become an artist.

What once was humble creative desire,  became a full time passion!

To say she's influenced me in MANY ways is an understatement.
For sure, in the 3.5 years since I began painting and we've shared a studio space, 
she's definitely influenced how I paint!

Caroline is true self taught artist - not one single class - EVER!
Well, with the exception of last year . . .
we attempted to take an in person Life Drawing class together.
We dropped out after our second class!  Oopsie!

Mom doesn't plan any painting and does not keep a sketchbook.

She the epitome of an "Intuitive" painter.  
My favorite kind!

Caroline's art ranges from full blown abstract to "abstracted" figures and objects.
ALWAYS there's texture and layers and depth and amazing color and light.
She really takes her time.

We paint side by side in our studio every week.
Never has she once instructed me how to paint - other than to wisely advise me to "slow down".
(I really paint fast!  Hee hee.)

Of course, I can't help but pick up some technique - mostly texture and color.
We both "see" the same figures in our messy backgrounds . . . 
it's something we discovered together during our paint and play days.

It kind of creeps us out a little. . . we wonder out loud what tribes we're "channeling".
(I NEVER remind her that our studio is located adjacent to the ancient 
Bolsa Chica Indian sacred grounds.  Shhhh don't tell her.)

Caroline paints with brushes or other mark making tools - and while wearing gloves.  
I paint primarily with my fingers, with various sized palette knives and tools thrown in - 
but never in gloves!

I'm so very fortunate and grateful to benefit from her creative experience.

 Don't you just love her work?
Isn't rich and ethereal?
Quite beautiful.

Here's some more......

My Mom is a bright spirit too.
She is Southern Belle charming, warm and charismatic - 
literally lights up a room.  
Everyone says so . . . it's not just me being partial!
But I am, of course.

We talk a lot about inspiration during our studio days.
But I have mine right beside me.

Thanks Mom, for showing me how it's done.
YOU are a Dream Maker.


Liette alias Pixelle said...

oh my are effectively a lucky and bless person to have a mother so colorful, so look like her my dear Tracie...both of you are nice souls and i envie you for that connection and share your art...oh la is fantastic...I adore her style, she is so nice...i would like to have a friend like her in my life...thanks to share xxx

Natasha said...

Wow! Your Mum's art is glorious. The colours, textures, images and sheer depth in the work. Oh my gosh. I could just keep looking, it is the sort of work you want to sink into.

Your secret is safe with me. Channel away, you are both clearly very receptive interpreters! :)

Love. Though I can't imagine using gloves, though I am sure my nails would prefer it!

Margie said...

I could just scream! What a beautiful, beautiful tribute to your Momma Tracie. Her work is so amazing, and clearly, you are a chip off the ol' block. Give her my best!

Poliana Miranda said...

Hi, Caroline! It was such a pleasure meeting you. I told you I was going to find you on the web, and I did! Lovely paintings and the picture of you smiling is so beautiful! Big hug!
Poliana Miranda

Tracie said...

Poliana - Hi it's Tracie! So glad you found this site and my post dedicated to my amazing MOM!!

Mom is blushing that you found her. And she says have a nice long visit with your family - particularly your Mom - we Mom's know stuff!

And blow a kiss to all those hunky Brazilian guys for her!