Saturday, April 20, 2013

52 Moments In My 52nd Year

Saturday, April 20, 2013
Today is my 52nd birthday.
But I began celebrating last night week.

Over sushi, my husband and I began making a list of 52 moments 
I'd like to experience in my 52nd year.
I so needed his help - that's a lot of moments!

The list, written on our sushi order form, would be a smelly reminder,
so the list goes here!

Some of my moments cannot be shared . . . they're uh private.
(That's what happens when your hubby helps write your wish list.)

1.  Sunrise on "our" beach.
2.  Hiking (always) in Palm Springs.
3.  A bike ride to Butterfly Park.
4.  A dip in the ocean.
5.  A night in a tent.
6.  Sunset in our boat (alone).
7.  Dinner on the shores of La Jolla.
8.  Drive-in night.
9.  Breakfast and a classic movie - in bed!  (I'm not cooking it.)
10.  Midnight margaritas.
11.  Wine tasting somewhere exotic.
12.  Celebrate somewhere new on New Years Eve or Day.
13.  Host the "Tribe" for an art-full weekend.
14.  Throw a dinner party - for no reason.
15.  Spend 5 consecutive days in the Desert.
16.  Pillow fight!
18.  Visit Yosemite.
20.  Go dancing!
22.  Get a "makeover".
23.  Have a "real" family portrait taken.
24.  Night hike in Griffith Park.
25.  Make and bury a family time capsule.
26.  See a movie at Grauman's Chinese Theatre.
27.  Go to Griffith Observatory.
28.  Cocktails at Hotel California Chateau Marmont.
29.  Dinner at the Hotel Roosevelt.
31.  Try on a red wig.
32.  Crush some grapes.
33.  Kiss under a waterfall.
34.  Go to the Troubadour.
35.  Spend a day at the Getty Museum.  ( I prefer the Getty Villa but will do either!)
36.  Go to the Norton Simon Museum.
37.  Sing Karaoke (OMG sooooo scary I guess I have to do it).
38.  Attend church once for goodness sakes.
39.  Try Boston Cream Pie (in Boston).  Yes.
40.  A simple picnic.
41.  Visit a state we've never been.
43.  Paint another 6ft canvas (or two).
44.  Ride horses!
45.  Host a champagne brunch.
46.  Cappuccino in Roma!  
47.  Photo "safari".
48.  Paint some feathers.
49.  Make serious progress on the "secret project".
50.  Build a fort.
51.  Climb a tree.
52.  "Wild Card" moment!

Looks to be a very good year!


Lynda Wood said...

Happy Birthday! What a fun way to celebrate - and I'm sure it's going to be an excellent year.

Margie said...

Cheers to you my friend on your special day. 50's rock!!!

Liette alias Pixelle said...

bonne fĂȘte...happy birthday to you...with your 52 projets it will be a wonderful happy!!!

Natasha said...

That list ROCKS!! I want in on that "art-full" weekend!! hehehe...Happy Birthday may this year be the best yet!!! xoxoxox

Shauna said...

happiest of years to you! hope the day rocked your socks :) xo

Tracie said...

Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes - I just had the best birthday weekend EVER!