Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Field Trips: Tribal Inspiration

Friday, March 8, 2013
Remember the field trips we took in elementary and middle school?
I think they are my most favorite memories of youth.
All week long, we'd look forward to a break from our routine and the chance to get away from the classroom for a while.  I'm sure it led to my insatiable curiosity, love of learning and avid interests in science, art and nature.

These days, I still send myself out on "field trips" . . .
sometimes spending hours or days researching what I'd like to see and learn more about.
I plan where I'll have lunch or a coffee break and I always pack my camera and sketchbook.

I want you to be my "buddy" on some of these field trips, 
so I've launched a new series I call

I'll take you along on some of my favorite outings - places like museums, art fairs, hikes or studios.
Who knows where we'll go.

I hope you'll enjoy the "eye candy"
If you're a bit like me, the images may lead you to spend time afterwards in 
your sketchbook, art journal, diary or easel.

Sometimes, I'll show you what's come of the inspiration for me - on the field trip day itself or some time soon after.  I'd love to see if it's sparked some creative action for do please share links back to your work in the comments.
* * * * *

Sometime back, I visited the Heard Museum in Phoenix.
I take lots of pictures when I visit such treasure troves, 
knowing I'll eventually come back to them for inspiration.
This week, I've been playing with "tribal" pattern and imagery in the studio.
So I was happy to have these photos to reference.

Don't you just love the bold geometric patterns and earthy colors?

So many depictions of the creatures and rituals that filled the daily lives of our native ancestors....

These kind of patterns have been showing up often on the runways lately.
I wear my turquoise, silver and ethnic inspired prints and people say I'm "on trend".
(Hahahaha ....... I've ALWAYS worn that stuff!)

I love the folkloric.....and sometimes a little scary faced!

What graceful lines!

I think this one is my favorite.

Mmmmm leather and beads!!  Yum.

It all has me diving into the sketchbook now.

Here's my FAVORITE tribal inspired fashions from this year's Fashion Week.
It's so bright and fresh!
The designer is Mara Hoffman

I so need me some of this!

Here's a recent tribal inspired pattern I did in the GIANORMOUS art journal.

I'm inspired to paint up the back of an old jean jacket.
Then I'll be back to show it to you!


Margie said...

Okay, third try to have a comment go through. I am enjoying the Friday Field Trips! I love seeing what you are inspired to create. Always inspiring Tracey! Happy Friday.

Liette alias Pixelle said...

oh Yeah...what an amazing collection of cloths...I adore it...full of nice colors, the back of the cloths is so nice...and your painting is really fabulous!!! thanks for that inspiration...i like your friday