Tuesday, February 5, 2013

So Much Paint, So Many Manicures.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013
So much.
So much is going on.
But it's all good stuff, not overwhelming or stressful at all.

I've begun a yoga practice that's redefined the meaning of blissed out.

And I'm working on a "secret project".
It demanded it's own hand painted binder.
(Secret projects talk to you ya know.)

There's been super lots of messy, layered and expressive art journaling.

oh the joy of discovering a long forgotten handmade art journal 
found it just as the old one is a page or two away from done!

So glad not to have to make a new one anytime soon.

 The best books ever..... one totally life transforming (really), the other magical.
Well they're both magical.

As for painting, there's new directions towards abstractions I'm following.

Also the reworking of (many) canvases I'd abandoned.
Seems this girl is "in the limelight".

All the ones below are small sections of larger canvases - 
they're still on the easel awaiting more finger painting.

Yes finger painting is actually how I do MOST of my painting.
It's hell on a manicure.
Let's just say the girls at Happy Nails love me.
I may be their best/most frequent customer.
They look at my paint encrusted fingernails, sigh 
and then happily get on with making their own art.
It's the happiest place on earth!

It's amazing to me - after painting nearly exclusively with my fingers for the past couple years,
you can really begin to control the paint almost as good as a brush.  
It's like you can begin to feel exactly how much paint is on your finger
AND even know what the color will be......
you see when you finger paint, it's constantly mixing with the other wet colors on the canvas.

Do you finger paint, or are you a brush only kind of painter?
My Mom paints using brushes with gloves on!
Her manicures last WAY longer.

By the way, if you haven't noticed before, there are FREE tutorials on my "freebie page".  


Margie said...

Well I'll be damned! Never knew you painted with your fingers!!! That makes it even crazier how fabulous your paintings turn out. Looks like you used a brush. Wow! Learn something grew everyday. Sounds like you have been fabulous and on a creative tear. Good for you. Tell your Mom I said hello.

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

I paint with my fingers a lot too! I love the effect it gives. Your work looks gorgeous Tracie! That handpainted binder is so intriguing! Do we ever get to find out what's in it???

Charlotte Pettus said...

Love that new painted binder... it makes me want to dream bigger and bolder. :) I've been trying to save up money for manicures so that I don't feel so bad about the conditions of my hands! ♥ so funny you wrote about this in the midst of my latest determination. THank you for the wonderful inspirations, by doing nothing else than being yourself. xoxo