Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Extreme Measures

Wednesday, January 16, 2013
I did something extreme!
And it has nothing to do with these tiny little sketches......

I de-activated my Facebook account last night.  
I know!  Gasp!

You see I'd been noticing an addiction -
one of those addictions that's socially acceptable - no one really notices anything is wrong at all.

And as addictions do, it was encroaching on my "real life".
Subtly sucking time and energy away from what I really wanted.
Which is primarily spending more face to face time with my family and friends
(rather than messaging them online!)
AND more time painting, writing and generally being happier, more fulfilled.

That little internal voice kept tugging on my ear until I finally paid attention.....
"It's time to get outta social media.  You'll be happier with less distractions - more action," it said.

And so, I did.

I'm currently going through "Facebook withdrawals".
Way stronger than the feelings I had when just on a short term "media fast".
It feels vaguely like I'm "missing out on something".
But I'm also feeling a growing glimmer of spaciousness.
(Insert oooh's and ah's.)

So never mind these somber-crooked-faced sketches -
Truth is I've been too lazy/distracted/busy to learn how to draw smiling faces!
But now, I just may find the time......


Margie said...

Well, f Facebook, get on with what's important missy! Lovin' these faces!

Tracie said...

Hell yeah!

Charlotte Pettus said...

I saw that last post and smiled :)
Kudos to you - and please know that it also gives me more reasons to visit you here and communicate in more 'one on one' ways with you as well. Forcing me into actual, thoughtful, communication...dangit. ♥ Thanks for following the voices in your heart.

Natasha said...

I have been off FB and the internet as a whole for awhile which was ACES! It was not planned it just happened and I realized I needed it. I'm back but very limited. Connecting on other levels and just being present in other way has been making me happy so I get it. Rock on sister! Keep listening you are on the right path. Love ya!