Saturday, November 17, 2012

Color For My Breakfast, Words For My Supper

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Blogging has been last on the "to do" list lately.
which has resulted in
eating color for my breakfast and words for my supper!

No, not really!  
But metaphorically for sure.....

Here is the GIANORMOUS art journal I created for my painting assignments in class.
It's 18"x24" and is filled with my favorite Fabriano paper.

I covered the outside and inside covers with portions of larger paintings I did in Sedona.

Ripe juicy neon colors!

Only this morning (it's still dark outside!) I began painting the first page.
Yes, beginning with scribbles is the easiest way to get over the dreaded white page syndrome.
Just mess it all up....then rescue it!

I'm 4 painting assignments behind already, so I gotta get with it!

Yet wise words from within began to spill onto the covers.....

"follow the magic * let color lead the way"

and silly ones too.....

"eat paint for breakfast and words for supper"

and heart felt true words . . . 

"this is what you were born to do - I know because I cannot stop"

And out of those early morning scribbles, Sedona skies dawned onto the first page.
The circles are the "orbs of light"
 that unfailingly show up in my (and everyone else's) photos of Sedona.

The energy there floats through the air, dancing for the camera lens.

Here's the "screen" I painted for the teacher's training class.
It's 6 feet long when extended!
(And heavy - made of wood and hinged with iron.)

Painted vessels and tribes - yep that's my thing.

Above, you'll see the back side.....dots, dots and more dots!

This screen has many stories to tell, but I cannot share all my secrets....

Figures in the messy background were "excavated"using my favorite "found image" painting method.

There are real pressed orchids buried in the paint!
Aren't they yummy?

Here's some closeups of the tiny figures on my screen . . .

Oooh I see another face floating just above the couple.....can you see it too?
Is that spooky?  I confess sometimes it freaks me out (just a little).
And all these faces were clear as day to me.
Okay, THAT really does freak me out!

Each are adorned with crowns and jewels of metallic golds, bronzes and turquoise.

They're special little ladies - princesses and queens of the Tribe.

And buried beneath all this paint are words.

Secret words that no one but me will ever know.

Don't you loooovvvvve secrets?

Or do they make you overly-crazy with curiosity?

 Lean in . . .

 Tell me your's and I might tell you mine.
(No . . . no - I won't.)


~hali said...

shizam! THAT post was the juice I needed today, sweet sister. Thank You! I'm off to the studio finally....

Kate said...


That was fabulous. I just bought myself some Fabriano to make some journals. Maybe I should go big. I loved seeing yours and all the art you have done. I have always loved the tribal stuff. I am seeing it coming out more in my journals now. Yours is fabulous. I like to find the hidden people in the background. Its my favorite way to do faces and people. This is so inspiring.


Shauna said...

um, this is amazing!!! your work inspires and enlivens and what a great great post.
wow...outta words:)

Jenn said...

I am simply in love with you and what pours out of you! xoxo

Indigo said...

oh wow. that panel? the 6 foot long one? omg. it's all of it. the panel idea. the dots. the folks that emerge from the paintings. the colors. the bronzes, golds... seeing it it like opening my eyes to myself. like i'm seeing me. in you. and well, of course we don't need to mention the name we share. love you!