Tuesday, October 16, 2012

But oh . . .

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Last week, I returned from my annual pilgrimage to Sedona AZ.
I go there to attend the Total Alignment Body + Soul + Paintbrush Retreat
held by Connie of Dirty Footprints Studio.

Last year, I remember being so taken . . . 
and so incredibly inspired by the natural beauty of Sedona.  

The landscape changes quickly as the light glows golden one moment and pink the next.
Clouds move swiftly through the valleys, threatening thunderstorms, then clearing within minutes.
The desert is so powerful and so clean.
It's truly breathtaking to hike those hills and 
paint in the shadows of the famous Red Rocks.

That was true again this year, for sure.
However, I was, this time, more taken by the smaller things.
My camera's eye was drawn to the close, to the tiny.

Textures.  Shapes.  Symbols.  Spices.  Customs.



Desert blooms.

Ledges of stones.

Parched red Earth.
Saffron mosses.

Rivers of smooth rock.
Beds of kindling.

Circles of spikes.

Fissures and flowers.

Eggplant buildings.

Cairns in the river.
Signs on the trail.

Copper and water.

Mauves and oranges on green.

Tiny homes underfoot.

Wood and Turquoise.
Towers of trees.
Torn down fences.

Slanted ladders.

Discarded beauty.

Painted sponges.

Shrines and Milagros.

Wind chimes and charms.

Feathers and hoards of beaded treasure.

Painted Crosses.

Jangles of bangles.

Snacks, cushy colorful places to sit.

Baskets and baubles.


Vessels of clay.

MORE crosses and circles.

Weathered woods.


But oh . . . those Sedona Smiles!


Cat said...

the small things in life offer the greatest gifts!

beautiful and alive

love and light

Lisa said...

I'm almost in tears again seeing your pictures, wanting to be back, but also just smiling knowing we were there. And I giggled when I got to the smiles - oh how HAPPY we all are!! I LOVE this! (And I forgot to ask...where oh WHERE is that gorgeous circle of stones? The first time I saw that photo I got the chills.)


Kate said...

What a beautiful post, it took me back in time to all the beauty and the friendship and smiles too. I too would love to know where those stones are. Missing you,


Christine Graziano Miner said...


Debbie said...

Beautiful photos and I enjoy your art. I wanted to try the Sedona trip but was taken aback by the cost of the entire trip. Maybe someday.
Peace and Paint,